Instrument Technician

Instrument Technicians assemble, calibrate, and maintain instruments used in industrial and manufacturing facilities to control, monitor record, and measure processes and systems.

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Instrument Technicians are also known as Instrumentation Technicians, Analyzer Technicians, and I&E Technicians

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Training Organizations

Brazosport College

Instrument technicians are a central part of the petrochemical facilities. They work with instruments to monitor flow, level, pressure, temperature and chemical composition. Instrument technicians design, install, repair and troubleshoot the control systems & instrumentation used in processing plants. Instrument technicians also work in the manufacturing and sales of control systems for the proce...

Lee College

Industrial Instrumentation Technology is the installation, maintenance, and calibration of devices used in the automation of industrial processes. These devices measure and control the pressure, temperature, level and flow of processes used in automated manufacturing and production. This technology utilizes piping, process, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, computer and netwo...

ABC/CMEF Houston

CMEF has regularly scheduled craft training classes in core, electrical, instrumentation, millwright, pipefitting, carpentry, industrial painting, industrial insulation, rigging, scaffolding, welding, construction site safety technician, and crew leadership....

Houston CC

As a Technician, you will repair, maintain and install sophisticated systems to control processes in a process or manufacturing plant. You will be a key member in maintaining safe and reliable operation....

San Jacinto College

Working in one of the most comprehensive industrial computer control labs in the country, you will learn how to install, maintain, and troubleshoot intelligent integrated control systems, developing skills highly sought after in the workplace....

College of the Mainland

In COM’s new Instrumentation Helper Program, students prepare in about ten months for entry-level positions as instrumentation helpers. The program lays a foundation for students who later plan a career as instrumentation technicians. Students earn NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) credentials....


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